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Jay and Nancy Hendrickson

NEW Better Location!!!
Our store has moved to 85 S Main St, New Hope PA.
After 26 years, we moved to a great store with a little more space, just a block closer to the center of New Hope, and without a stairway.  There has never been a better time to come to New Hope to see us in person!

New CAS. Chris Reeve, John Gray, Michael Zieba, Gil Hibben, and Gary Mulkey Knives.

Dan Winkler and Karen Shook

New knives from Neil Blackwood , Chad Nell ,Koji Hara , Chris Reeve, Bob Dozier and William Henry and from New York Custom Knife Show 2017 from Michael Zieba, Pat and Wes Crawford, Al Dipold, Matt Diskin, Brian Tighe , Bob Dozier, Herb Derr

Robert Stumphy knives, new Beauchamp scrim, and lots of new William Henry Knives.    George Sweeney'sknives, Chris Reeve's "We the People" and Mnandis,  aDominick Gold bird and trout knife  and a great newJim Siska knife are in.

Allen and Valerie Elishewitz

2017 Blade Show
red said that this year's blade show was the busiest he ever remembered for the past 20 year s. He didn't get to visit everyone he wanted to see, but had a blast. Saw lots of old friends and made some new friends. Lots of new knives from:
 Dan Winkler, Tony Hudson, Audra Draper, Mike Draper, Brian Tighe, Stan Motris  , John Cohea, Claudio Sobrel, David Lisch,   Lonewolf  , Borka Blades  , Brandon Vallaton, MicroTech  , Brent Vaccaro of Black Widow Knifeworks, Pete Sloan, Darrel Ralph,  and Doug Stice.

Raymond Richard

NCCA Knife Show Mystic CT. 2017
This was really fun show for collectors , makers , and purveyors.  I really enjoyed the many people showing off their collections of knives.
Among the makers whose work we now have are:
Joe Szilaski, Jim Siska, Richard Wright, Dan Dugdale, Mason Knives (daughter, Ann and father, Stuart Mason), Mathew Parkinson, Dominick Gold, Hidetochi Nakayama, John Gray, along with some new Benchmade Knives.
New Gaetan Beauchamp, LandauPhilip Booth, Steven Licata , Herb Derr and Pro-Tech knives...

Jim Parker

More new knives from some of our favorites, Chris Reeve and Bob Dozier, and E10s from William Henry, along with a beautiful knife necklace.  New mid-tech production knives from Heretic Knives and Hogue Knives are both USA made. We also have new Benchmade knives, which we offer at 15% discount.

Jay Hendrickson and Bill Moran

New Darrel Ralph knives, Battle Horse Knives, and new maker Brent Vaccaro of Black Widow Knifeworks.

New knives from Gil Hibben, Kevin Casey, and Bob Dozier. New knives from Chris Reeve, John BaumanAlex Sisko, Michael Zieba, Tim Britton, Corrie Schoeman, Kansei Matsumo, Chuck Gedraitus, Herb Derr, Brian Tighe, Jason Williams, Rockstead, and knife/ax by an unknown maker.

Thanks for your continuous support and enthusiasm. 
If you have any questions, or would like to order any of these new items, give us a call at 215-862-5988 or send us an email.   
Hope to see you at the shop or hear from you online.  Fred

Knife Throwing and Cutting Contest Knife Auction - Blade Show
Knife Auction - Blade Show
Knife Throwing and Cutting Contest
Knife Throwing and Cutting Contest
Knife Throwing and Cutting Contest
Knife Throwing and Cutting Contest
Knife Throwing and Cutting Contest

Atlanta Blade Show May 2004 pics.
I had great fun at the show and especially at the ABS auction and the cutting contest.  It was great meeting some talented new makers and seeing old friends.  Also listening to Jay Hendrickson and Bill Moran talk out some problems of hand forging, and telling some great old knife tales.

Hand-forged chef's knives from Silverthorn Knife & Tool. New William Henry B12's and jewelry, J Neilson cleaver, and a Randall knife.

2016 ECCK show was fun for Fred, seeing old friends and introducing special customers to all of our favorite knifemakers.  And who doesn't have fun buying knives? Moving has thrown off our rhythm, so all I have up is a new awesome Theuns Prinsloo Damascus knife and Jim and Joyce Minnick blackened Auto! 

Finally, new William Henry and Phillip Booth knives on the website.  More to come soon...  Lots of new knives in the store, including the Chris Reeve Inkosi...  New Battle Horse Knives

Knives from George Sweeney, Robert Stumphy, Greg Dash and White Wolf.  New Chad Nell and Gavin Hawk folders, along with a new Tim Britton knife.
There's so much more in the shop. Check back here in a few days, for Michael Zieba, Virgil England, Olamic, and a wonderful Szilaski fighter.  And a beautiful selection of WD Pease money clips, as well as William Henry Jewelry that everyone loves, in case you have too many knives. (Yeah... like that is a thing....)

New York Custom Knife Show
Fred brought back knives from David Boye, John Gray from PA, Jim Siska, Don Lozier, Theuns Prinsloo from South Africa, Jurgen Schanz from Germany, and Herb Derr, along with others that we don't have on the site from  Phillip Booth

Chris Reeve Inkosi is in stock!  New John Gray knife and new Ken Steigerwalt folders, and new William Henry Molten, Stockade, and Santa Ana knives.  And I finally got the new Allen Elishewitz up! New Jim & Joyce Minnich Folders! 
Also a Whiskers Allen knife for ProTech.New Dan Winkler, Bud Nealy Knives, a vintage Gary Barnes Knife, and New Chris Reeve Knives including the Inkosi!!!  Lovin' Forged in Fire on the History Channel...

Blade Show 2015
I had a blast at the Blade Show in Atlanta.  We got lots of new knives, and you can see what's new from Philip Booth, Darrel Ralph, Audra Draper , Theuns Prinsloo, Mike Irie, Tim Britton, Justin Gingrich, Brian Tighe , Dan Winkler, and Randall Knives.  Alan Folts is new to us, with an awesome steampunk themed knife.  Also Higgins & Peak , Brian Tighe, and Rockstead Knives. We also got the Gil Hibben knife that you saw in Expendables II, plus 3 beauties from Gail Lunn .

Wow!  New Chris Reeve Sebenzas with graphics and box elder, a Raymond Coon knife, a Fred Weber knife, and new maker for us Anders Hogstrom from Sweden, along with a steampunk ProTech Godson.

Fred came back from the ECCKS with knives from Herb Derr, a Brian Tighe knife, and some beauties from Zaza RevishvilliBob Dozier Freedom Fighters, Chris Reeve Sebenzas.

There's a great new knife from Raymond Coon, and a few from new maker Kyle Hanson . New knives from Bob Dozier, Herb Derr, Jerry McClure, Don Lozier, Crawford Knives, and Rockstead. New makers Peter Pruyn, Phillip Booth, and Rick Nowland.  Also new Chris Reeve and Hiroaki Ohta knives.
New Darrel Ralph knives, Kevin Cashen hunter, and Benchmade Gold Class 710William Henry knives, key fob /neck knives, pens, and jewelry and new Steven Licata fantasy knives are in...
We couldn't make the Knivemaker's Guild Show last weekend, but called in orders for new Goodies.  We have great new knives from Darrel Ralph, Terry Knipschield, William Henry Knives, and many more to come...
New knives from Whiskers Allen, Bob Dozier, Ira Lipson, Tim Britton, and Bud Nealy, who came to visit!
New Battle Horse Knives, David Goldberg, Chris Reeve, and Santa Fe Stoneworks Kershaw knives.Winkler II Knives by Daniel Winkler

ECCKS New Knives
Beautiful, BIG Jay Hendrickson Bowie, Joe Kious Persian Interframe Auto, Pat & Wes Crawford Knives, Kevin Cross hunter, Bud Nealy Knives, Matt Venier knife, and a Mike Zscerny knife that will be up once Fred makes a sheath to go with it.

Outdoor Show  Just back from the outdoor show in Harrisburg PA. Got a great little collection of outdoor working knives for hunters, campers, and hikers, including some new knives from JRJ Knives done with natural wood handle materials and full tapered tang ATS34 stainless blades.
Then from Battle Horse Knives , a family run business, hunting and camp knives using 01 high carbon steel with sturdy micarta handles. We are extremely excited to have Battle Horse Knives in our shop!  Also some nice new camp and collector knives from Jim Sigg.

New William Henry Storm and money clips, Steven Licata Knives , and Bob Dozier Knives   New Benchmade!

NY Custom Knife Show 2013
I had a great time at the NY custom knife show for 2013. The Westin hotel is a nicer venue than any New York show has been. I keep wondering in fact when they're going to change the name of the show? The show was bustling with customers, had great energy. I got some new knives from Kevin D. Cross from Connecticutt. I love his primitive, but sophisticated style. New Rockstead knives which are scary sharp. Matt Diskin's double action automatic, Pat and Wes Crawford knives.

Some new knives also are:  Rat Worx Chain driven autos, Reeve Sebenza 25 is available, new Benchmade Knives.
New Whiskers Allen, Chris Reeves, and William Henry Knives.
Great new  Tim Britton, Chuck Gedraitis, and Bob Dozier knives, including a Dozier Damascus folder!

Great new Gaetan Beauchamp knife and Reeve Mnandis. Brian Tighe "Tighe Rade" and "Twist Tighe Dagger".  New John Bauman chef knives and new Chris Reeve knives are in. New Japanese by Kinzan (David Goldberg) .

Knives from J Neilson are back, push-daggers from Mike Irie, Damascus beauties from Herb Derr, and some new William Henry Damascus folders.
Beautiful new Gaetan Beauchamp knives and Chris Reeve Sabenza 25.
New Chuck Gedraitis, Chris Reeve, Gil Hibben knives.

Daniel Winkler II knives are in!  Plus some new awesome White Wolf Knives, Chris Reeve Minandi knives and the William Henry Antiquity LtdSome new JRJ Knives and a BIG Randall Bowie!  Tim Britton's new "Tango" and a Teardrop folder.

East Coast Custom Knife Show  Mar 2013 
New Hooligan from Kirby Lambert, long awaited friction folders from Herb Derr, and some wild pens and knife from Hidetoshi Nakayama.  Plus we just received some new William Henry knives and Chris Reeve Sabenza 25.
New 1980's vintage knives by Gil Hibben , Lloyd Hale, and Buster Warenski.

ABS Knife Show - 2013 San Antonio TX
Sharon and I had lots fun in San Antonio aside from the show. We walked nearly the entire River Walk and did it again on a river taxi. We shopped, went to galleries, museums, and took local buses all over town.
We went to all the seminars offered before the show about knife making and collecting, then collaborated on information.  One of the big questions was "How do we encourage more people and younger people to become knife enthusiasts?"  I would like to encourage knife makers to participate in more shows, so collectors can meet them live and in person. I know it's difficult in today's economy but it's important to encourage, educate, and stimulate collectors and enthusiasts.  Kevin Cashen presented a great talk on what happens to steel when it's forged, in layman's terms, and I can never resist his knives, as well.    The show itself was really nice, but small.  Easy to get to know people.
I got some great new knives at the show from  Joseph Keeslar MS from Kentucky.  Joe's knives are the nicest, most comfortable in your hand well balanced working knives I found ever. Dan Petersen MS from Kansas did a really elegant camp knife with leather covered wood sheath in the classic Bill Moran style.
I picked up a couple of Damascus  knives and rings from David Lisch from Seattle Washington.  I loved his seminar on making stag handles and tongs and got to share some of my own skills in knotting leather with him.Richard Epting's front pocket wallet knives are awesome. He is a  talented knife maker and leather craftsman from Texas.
It was great to see Nancy and Gil Hibben, who was honored at the Bar-B-Q.

Many makers did not make it to the New York Custom Knife Show, possibly because of the PR about all the devastation from hurricane sandy in NJ, but everything was fine at the Westin Hotel, which is the nicest venue for the NY show.
We got some great new knives from Darrel Ralph, Theuns Prinsloo , Herb Derr, Tim Britton, Kirby Lambert, Rob Hudson, and Brian Tighe.  We also recently got some of the latest William Henry knives and pens.

New Knives from Greg Dash and Mike Lepore
New Knives from Kirby Lambert, Nate Clark, Jim Minnick , Benchmade, and a spectacular limited William Henry Mitchell.
New Knives from Jot Singh Khalsa, Raymond Coon, and Mike Irie.

 My favorite sense of design are items that appear to be primitive at first, but then you realize the tremendous amount of sophistication.
Just before the show, we got a great lefty liner-lock folder from Chuck Gedraitis.

I would like to say in support of the Knifemaker's Guild, as an associate member, I think anyone interested in knives should join. I do agree with stringent rules and guidelines for members and participants, but also feel different categories should exist within the organization to keep up with the times and encourage membership while maintaining Integrity.  In 1969 I had a discussion with one of my teachers, the distinguished mathematician engineer architect and futurist, Buckminster Fuller.
When I asked him "What is the future of art?", he replied, "The future of art is integrity."
As long as the Guild stands for integrity, I believe it can stand strong.

Blade Show  / Survival and Tactical Gear Expo 2012
The blade show was interesting this year because of more crossover businesses showing their wares. Not just tactical and survival gear, but there were more items for women.
I did meet some newer makers, in particular, Joe Pardue's son, Robert Carter. He is definitely a man with a future in knife making.
I brought back Audra Draper's kitchen knife and accessories, Al Pendray's latest in Wootz Damascus from his newly rebuilt shop,  a really nice Damascus hunter from Kevin Cashen, some Higgins neck knives from Colorado, and Darrel Ralph's custom and mid tech butterfly knives.  Charlie Ochs' small fighting bowie is my personal favorite for an all-purpose fixed-blade carry.  I use it as a camp knife since I'm not a tactical guy. Rockstead knives with their razor sharp and sturdy edge using Samurai technology are back in stock.
As I am a big fan of neck knives, I got a nice little collection together for the shop:  Some are by Tribal, at a basic starting price range. Some are from Elsa Forge by Elsa Fantino.  I love her primitive but slick style. Jay Higgins  and Jake Wilson from Colorado have some rugged little hunters and patch knives.
We are now selling Robert Eggerling Damascus for those who want to venture into their own knife making world.
We are also selling a great selection of hand made and production canes: Burger sword canes, Cold steel sword canes, and hand-carved canes from two great wood carvers, Susan Eaton from New Hope PA and Peddler from Allentown PA. pril 2012
Two daggers from Nate Clark, and a great Mike Irie knife.  Also some knives from Russell Easler, Rob Davidson , Frank Centofante, and Ken Steigerwalt.

March 2012
New Knives  from the NY/NJ show:  Jim Minnick, Hidetoshi Nakayama, Kazak, TiNew to the website, Silver Stag Knives, TimBritton, Brian Tigheew to the website, Silver Stag Knives

Bob Dozier Freedom Fighters are in.
Reese Weiland Monster custom OFT steel automatic that weighs 2.4 lbs 
New knifes from Dan Winkler, Chuck Gedraitis and Jason Brous.
New William Henry one-of-a-kind Jade Cat Kestrel,Darrel Ralph butterfly knife Rich McDonald Bowie knife, and Allen Elishewitz folder.

February 2012 Knives
We've had some great new knives come in by JRJ Knives, Mike Irie, Chuck Gedraitis, and William Henry Knives
And I went to the Outdoor Show with Bill Goodman and picked up a few new makers, Jim Sigg and Jason Brous.  Check them out; I know you'll like them.
New SALE Knives.

East Coast Custom Knife Show 2011
I really enjoyed the show got lots of new knives from both prior makers whose work we have and several makers new to the shop as well.
Jay Hendrickson did a great puka style knife. Tim Britton has some new styles I picked up as well as his classics.  Hidetoshi Nakayama does an awesome style of bolt action pen that, since we sell  William Henry pens, I couldn't resist. We also picked up an older William Henry Automatic as well as some more of their money clips which match the E6 and E10 knives. From Chris Reeve we just got a beautiful bark Ivory Sabenza. My favorite personal carry is Terry Knipschield's small folding Puka. Left and right handed are now in stock. Brian Tighe's Nirk Tighe has it all:  design, tactical, and artistic. I also got a very atypical neck knife from Bud Nealy, as well as my favorite dagger style that he does.
New Makers to the shop include Jim and Joyce Minnick , whose clean crisp lines are the classiest pocket jewelry around, Aaron Frederick , who was recently featured in an article Soldiers making knives for soldiers, and  Oleksander Orebchuk-Bogdanovich - Kazak Knives, whose artistic tactical knives bridge the gap between his Cossack roots and contemporary mystical and tribal artistry.
Winkler II knives are back in stock.
We have what-I've-always-wanted in Chris Reeve's knives and a new vintage Russell Easler knife and Bud Nealy, too.   

New Knives:    Dangerous Curves Ahead is our new exciting museum-worthy knife exhibit by Heather Harvey and Audra Draper .  Experience part of the  knife community spirit and the creative process of knifemakinMarch 2011 New Knives - Mike "Whiskers" Allen auto, new maker Ira Lipson, a new style from Tim Britton,  autos from Allen Elishewitz, new knives from Gerber, White Wolf , and Bob Dozier Knives.

Three new William Henry Knives.
Bob Dozier's mid-size titanium frame folder with pocket clip, Tony Bose ivory handle desk knife, awesome Reeve-Vallotton double-action conversion, new maker Tom Krein,
some more William Henry automatics, an oldy, but great David Boye scrimmed hunter.   December knives include a really nice little art knife by Bill Pease, Tim Britton's latest, several knives by Corrie Schoeman, Joe Kious, Herb Derr, Pat Crawford, Otha, and new to us, Olamic Knives.

New Knives for 2011
I've been hard at work exploring for some new knives.
This month we have two new Bob Dozier large folders with more Dozier fixed blades coming at the end of February and in March. There is a great folder from Joe Szilaski.
Chuck Getraitis did a great butterfly to my specs, and I love his new San Francisco gentleman's knife. It's truly a little gem.
In  my quest for moderately priced hand-made hunting and camp knives I went to the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA with my friend Bill Goodman. Bill runs the Easton PA knife show which runs the last weekend in September. I met
John Johnson from JRJ knives in PA, who is a great "working knife" maker, although his fancy double grinds Bowie is awesome. He does great sheath work, too. I also met Dean Fry, another PA knife maker. Dean makes great working camp knives that are a little more interesting than I usually see around.
Other makers new to the shop are Jeff Chaffee , Dave Winston, and R B Johnson.
We now have Stone River Ceramic knives in the shop, folding and fixed blade. While not art knives, they are "state of the art knives". The folding knives make great everyday carry or camp knives and come with a 5 year guarantee from the manufac  turer.

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